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Nain Singh Mahar hails from the farming family of the Dadeldhura District (Far Western Development Region) in Nepal. He has been serving as young political leader of the Nepali Congress for nearly
two decades now. He has been leading the Nepal Student Union at the various capacities since the year 1988 and rose upto the position of Vice President. He has also been serving as the General Convention Representative of Nepali Congress Party for the last five years. He was actively involved in the political movement of 2005 /06 which brought an end to the Maoist insurgency and direct rule of the King.The role played by the NSU leadership was important for the reason that political parties, then, were not able to come out in the street against the Royal Regime. He has played a crucial role in organising students throughout the country which finally paved the way for the movement. During the period, he was jailed by the Royal Regime.
He holds Masters Degree in Political Science (which he sat from the jail itself) and has appeared for the L.L.B exam. In addition to this, he has been a Journalist for the Kantipur Daily (the largest daily newspaper of Nepal) and also served as the correspondent for the Radio Nepal and the National News Agency of Nepal. He was the founder President of Nepal Journalist Federation, Dadelduhra Branch. He has been decorated with National Disaster Relief Medal by the Central National Disaster Relief Fund for his contribution in journalism. He has edited a book on Academic Challenges in Nepal and authored a book on Nepali Congress and Its Sister Organistions. He was awarded with Constructive Leader Award 2010 by GNSC, UK. He has developed a vision paper called ‘sankalpa’ which came into being by visiting 73 out of 75 districts. The whole purpose of this vision paper was to lead the Nepal Student Union by becoming as its Central President. Unfortunately, the convention was unceremoniously aborted by the Nepali Congress Party. He is currently serving as the Central President of School of Democracy and is also writing a book on Aabako Congress (The Future Congress).

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G.N.S.C , UK (Constructive leader award 2010).

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….stands for ethical politics and social justice

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A staunch supporter of ethical politics and democracy, Nain Singh Mahar, has been continuously working for more than two decades with a strong commitment to establish an egalitarian society based-on human ethos.
He firmly believes that such values should emanate from our education system and be rooted in society. These alone would certainly bring about positive changes and will strengthen basic foundations for economic and social prosperity and thereby enhancing durable peace in society. He is working as the activist of Nepali Congress Party which is working for the cause of democracy for nearly seventy years now.



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