Speaking Nepal Cricket : Contemporary debates

Speaking Nepal Cricket : Contemporary debates

Firstly,congratulations to team Nepal and let me express my sincere thanks and special appreciation for everyone who has supplied inputs on and off the field for getting ODI status.The tug of war between CAN and ICC has had negative effects on the development of the Nepal cricket team. But, slowly and steadily, Nepal managed to make ends meet and made their presence felt en route to higher-level cricket.It’s an opportunity and is equally a challenge at this point of time.With pride comes greater responsibility and that’s what all stake-holders of this beautiful game must acknowledge.

It was quite before while going through the blog of skipper Parash Khadka something that stroked my head was his expressive and experiment oriented thought of his journey.It was”Nepal cricket has seen a lot and significantly transformed over the last 20 years. From the time cricket starting becoming popular among the masses to the present scenario, the standard of the game, the way it’s played, the interest among the people has grown ten folds. That’s the only growth visible, but WHO CARES?” and it made me think.

The love and affection,charm and values this game gets inside Nepal is A-one.The present status of this game is somewhat progressive toward satisfaction but is this enough for future ? The state and stake holders now need to assemble in order to address following concerns.

1- Schooling of the cricket.(Training,Practices)
2- Physical infrastructures. (Stadium,Indoor infrastructure)
3- Soft and hard gaming infrastructures.
4- Contemporary human resource.
5- Upgrading facilities for players.
6- Decentralized care and bottom to top level of player selection.
7- Stable management.
8- Sport based tourism.

Everyone with bat,ball or with gloves to keep wickets has desire to wear white jersey and play real match game i.e Test Cricket.I believe the wish of our national players/cricketers is not indifferent.This is why professionalism should be developed in this game and among the players of this game.I cannot see a long run progress in quick progression without introducing proper schooling and A-grade training facilities.Hereby,I am not confined to off-field training but also on-field training.We need to level-up the status of internal cricket.There should be regular games at district and provincial level of different format with special emphasis to longer formats of cricket.

Now players must be in real pressure to perform and take this pride into next level.All of them are now concerned about upliftment of their personal skill level and level of fitness.Now more gym or fitness promoting infrastructures needs to be introduced as soon as possible and should be made easily accessible for the players. The physiotherapist’s and health support inside and outside camp also needs an upgrade.The CAN management along with concerned state authorities should take care of their nutritions,rest and guided relaxation.

It’s real embarrassment for me in particular when someone talk about expenses from CAN and authorities for this current team and overall inside infrastructure.This passivity should be turned into optimism and now we should start to pitch this as “Investment” because investment gives profit.I am hereby specific in commercial view point and I can see a greater prospectus of our nation in sport tourism when it comes to cricket.We can develop this beautiful place as a neutral match host venue for T20’s,ODI’s and Test matches.Club cricket can be raised up into next level .Premier Leagues and franchise cricket can be potentially sharpened here.I can see lot of revenue our nation can make out of this sport if invested well in planned manner.

Now the players are our Ambassadors and we need to pay well to them. $1500 should be minimal payment and the trend of classifying player to grades should be done in rational and better way more out of practical senses.Every facilities should be taken care off by the state and that’s it .This is how things should be and must be.

Next thing I see where we lack is conflict management and none of the players or support staffs should be pulled into unnecessary conflicts and specially those ones involving with management issues.I believe this is a board i.e CAN and now CAN needs to improve upon this thing. This phase of our team needs a stable management who understand the spirit of players and the game.

Well,there is a lot to talk about this beautiful game of cricket .This is our common responsibility to set up an environment where this team and game flourishes.Together we can achieve a lot.Let’s bring out issues to discussion and rush for solving them.

Once again,best wishes and regard to everyone who is directly or indirectly linked with this sport.All the best for future.Jay Nepal

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